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    Dear Parent/Guardian of a Shawnee Student,

    It’s time to order a Yearbook for your Shawnee Student!  We are proud to once again have Josten's as our yearbook supplier this year. 

    In addition to ordering, we want to provide you with some other options to help personalize your student’s yearbook.  Please visit the links to the left for information in regard to personalizations, Spring Supplement, Senior Buddy Pictures and Senior Ads!

    It is our pleasure to offer these opportunities to you.  Please remember to order early!  If you have any questions about ordering a Yearbook or Spring Supplement, placing a Senior Ad or purchasing a Buddy Picture, feel free to contact us by emailing Rosemary Johnson at rjohnson@lrhsd.org or Kelly Banks at kbanks@lrhsd.org.  If you need to speak to someone immediately, please call Mrs. Johnson at 609-654-7544 x453500.

    Thank you!

    Mrs. Rosemary Johnson
    Media Specialist
    Yearbook Business Advisor
    Shawnee High School

    609-654-7544, x443500