• The Lenape Regional High School District Science program, in alignment with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Science Standards, prepares our students to become scientifically literate and informed citizens able to function in an increasingly complex society. Through completing our coursework with its emphasis on authentic experiences that enable students to investigate and explain scientific phenomena, our students will be better able to

    1. design, critique, and carry out experiments in order to investigate scientific questions and/or propose solutions
    2. collect, interpret, and analyze data in order to solve a defined problem
    3. apply mathematics to express relationships efficiently and accurately
    4. draw evidence-based conclusions from data in order to make informed decisions;
    5. construct, interpret, and refine models (scientific and mathematical) to explain the physical and natural world
    6. effectively communicate scientific ideas and evidence-based arguments to an appropriate audience through written and oral means
    7. evaluate the validity of arguments that rely on scientific reasoning presented in the popular press and informational sources