Advisor: Miss Nicole Croge - PC 7 (across from D204)


                    Email: ncroge@lrhsd.org




    Mission: Community Service is not a traditional club where we elect officers and have meetings. It is not truly a club that you list on a college transcript or on your extracurricular activities.  It is an organization where I will serve as a record keeper for all community service activities you perform outside of all Shawnee clubs. If you would like me to keep record of your hours, please hand all paperwork/ documented community service to me directly in PC 7 or drop it off in the main office so that it can be placed in my mailbox. The documented information must include a person's name and telephone number/email address where he/she may be contacted.  A letter written on an organization's letterhead is preferred.  I will then keep a log of your activities and the total number of hours of your volunteer services.  As they become available to me, I will list community service opportunities on this website, but I will not be organizing these opportunities. It is your responsibility to choose and volunteer for activities that you are interested in. Please feel free to suggest any community service events you would like me to post. You may also find volunteer opportunities under the "Community" tab on the district website.