• Regular Opening Schedule

    First Period

    7:30 A.M.

     8:32 A.M.

    Second Period

    8:37 A.M.

     9:34 A.M.

    Third Period

    9:39 A.M.

    10:36 A.M.

    Labs/Lunch & Learn

    10:36 A.M.

    11:26 A.M.

    Fourth Period

    11:26 A.M.

    12:23 P.M.

    Fifth Period

    12:28 P.M.

    1:25 P.M.

    Sixth Period

    1:30 P.M.

    2:27 P.M.


    Emergency School Closing

       The Lenape District has the capacity to broadcast, by remote control, weather or emergency related school closing information over the Lenape District Television's educational access cable channel (Comcast 19 or Verizon FiOS 21).  In the event of the emergency closing of school, the information also will be broadcast over Radio station KYW-AM 1060 and several other Philadelphia area radio and television stations. The Lenape Regional High School District's Emergency School Closing Code is 654..  Also, students and parents are requested to avoid calling school in the event of an emergency, due to all phones will be in use during the school closing.