• Shawnee High School's 4th Class of Academic Hall of Fame was inducted on May 25, 2023.

    Donna Aromando, Class of 1979

    Donna Aromando

    Donna Aromando graduated with perfect attendance from Shawnee High School in 1979 and the three-time Class President has not stopped making her mark on the South Jersey community since.  She is currently a guidance counselor at Rancocas Valley Regional High School and has worked as an educator and coach for over 40 years.  In 2001, she was named Burlington County Times Person of the Year and in 2009, The Burlington County Times presented her with the Civic Engagement Award.  An eternal advocate for education and volunteerism, Ms. Aromando has spearheaded opportunities and organizations for students and community members by writing and proposing three grants per year since 2015 while also dedicating her time to coordinate efforts as liaison between local schools and groups.  In 2019, she was the recipient of the Colin Powell Service Award.    

    Specifically, Ms. Donna Aromando has created and supported avenues for female students seeking military opportunities and non-traditional career routes.  A mentor to so many, Ms. Aromando has empowered students by focusing on individual and group needs, constantly creating safe spaces for students to thrive in school and overcome obstacles by way of Wellness Groups, Weight Room Programs, and Community Outreach Programs.  

    The proud author of a children's book, Donna Aromando has dedicated her life to preparing students for life before, during, and after high school.  Ms. Aromando leads by example and is celebrated today by all the students, past and present, who she has empowered throughout her career.


    Charles Gersbach, Class of 1998


    Dr. Charles Gersbach graduated from Shawnee High School in 1998 as co-valedictorian and captain of Shawnee’s “Team of the Century” state championship swim team.  He attended Georgia Institute of Technology as a Presidential Scholar and graduated in just three years with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.  In 2006, Dr. Gersbach earned his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University.  

    In 2021, Dr. Gersbach earned the title of Professor with tenure at Duke University where his research work in genome and epigenome editing, gene therapy, regenerative medicine, and biomolecular and cellular engineering is world-renowned.  In his 14 years at Duke University, Dr. Gersbach has been a research and/or thesis advisor to 63 undergraduate and graduate students and has authored or co-authored over 100 articles for scientific journals.  The head of The Gersbach Lab at Duke which focuses on research aimed to develop new technologies to modify genome sequences, epigenomic regulation, and cellular gene networks in a precise and targeted manner, Dr. Gersbach has presented at 272 seminars since 2003.   

    Awarded the John W. Strohbehn Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering in 2021, Dr. Gersbach has been active outside the Duke University community as well, as he  has joined with other researchers in starting several biotech companies that focus on disease mechanisms, which pharmaceutical companies then purchase with the aim of developing targeted therapies.    


    Patrick Gorman, Class of 1983


    Dr. Patrick Gorman graduated from Shawnee High School in 1983 as the proud honoree of the American Legion Award and Scholarship.  After earning his Bachelor of Arts in Education from, Rowan University,  Dr. Gorman began his career as an educator and coach at Haddonfield High School.  In 1997, Dr. Gorman sought a new opportunity to serve his community by beginning a career as a New Jersey State Trooper.  He graduated from Seton Hall University with a Masters Degree in 2000 and Doctorate from Capella University in 2014. Dr. Gorman eventually attained a specialist job in the Homeland Security Branch of the NJ State Police.

    Throughout his career in the Homeland Security Branch, Dr. Gorman was promoted to a Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Lieutenant, and Captain while focusing on Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery from Terrorist and Natural disasters.  For five years prior to his retirement in 2020, Dr. Gorman held the position of Bureau Chief in the Emergency Management Section under the Homeland Security Branch. 

    His passion for civil service and education continues to this day as Dr. Gorman has been a Professor for the Department of Sociology & Anthropology Disaster Sciences at Rowan University since 2019.  A volunteer firefighter since 1982, Dr. Gorman is a life member of the Indian Mills Volunteer Fire Company and currently serves as the Assistant Chief of the Haddonfield Fire Department.      


    Ted Steinmetz, 1970 - 1998


    From 1970 to 1998, Mr. Ted Steinmetz was the voice of Shawnee High School.  In the classroom, Mr. Steinmetz taught all levels of Chemistry for 34 years in the LRHSD, challenging students to reach beyond what they thought to be possible.  Though admired for his positive impact in the class, Mr. Steinmetz is equally valued and recognized for his impact throughout the halls of Shawnee High School.  

    Mr. Steinmetz knew how to reach every student and bring out the best in everyone.  His humor and passion for Chemistry in the classroom and planning center made him approachable and appreciated by students and staff alike.  Mr. Steinmetz’s impact on Shawnee cannot be measured yet it should be celebrated.  Throughout his career, Mr. Steinmetz raised the bar for what it meant to be a member of the Shawnee community, and thanks to his catalog of photos, films, and recordings, we can all celebrate the contributions of not just Mr. Steinmetz but all of the students and staff members who had the opportunity to work and learn alongside him.      

    With one hand on the pulse of Shawnee and the other holding a microphone, Mr. Steinmetz delivered the morning announcements in between carefully selected song selections, setting the tone and tradition that continues to this day.  Mr. Steinmetz became the historian of Shawnee, filming, announcing, and celebrating Shawnee’s students and staff at every event and occasion.