Science League is a state-wide competitive extracurricular organization  Lenape High School is a part of the New Jersey Science League, the only state in the nation to have this academic competition.  Science League was started in 1962 by Dr. Mal Sturchio as a chemistry league.  The League now offers competitions in biology, chemistry, physics and earth science for beginning students, and advanced competitions in biology, chemistry and physics.

    The competitions are on two levels.  One level is for the students.  Students within any one testing area are ranked with each other based upon their scores on 3 or the 4 exams given.  Any student completing 3 of the 4 exams receives a certificate of participation from the Science League, and the top ten percent scorers also receive a plaque. 

    The next level of competition is with teams.  Each school has a single team of up to four students within each subject.  Team scores are the combined scores of the top two scorers each month, and the cumulative score for the four months of testing is the final team score.  The top 10 schools in each subject are awarded plaques.

    Last year, NJSL offered a scholarship to the first place students in Biology II, Chemistry II, and Physics II.  The scholarship will again be awarded this year.


    For results - you may log onto the New Jersey Science League website:   www.enter.net/~njscil

Last Modified on January 3, 2007