• Lenape SADD

    SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions and was formerly known as Students Against Drunk Driving.  This is an organization of students who raise money and awareness to help inspire other students to think twice before engaging in activities that may include alcohol, drugs, or violence.

    Over the past years Lenape SADD has accomplished a great deal through their fundraising and community events and has a close partnership with the Mount Laurel Municipal Alliance which is also dedicated to this same cause within the community. 

    Some of our yearly activities include not only fundraising, but sponsoring workshops for students, paid speakers for Tobacco Education for all Freshmen students, purchasing much needed equipment for Health classes to help our teachers get our message accross, bringing in the "Crashed Car" at prom time to remind our students not to drink and drive, and catering the Senior Promenade.

    We are very proud of our membership of over 200 students and of our officers who dedicate much of their free time to achieving our goals of making our school and community a safer place.

    If you are interested in joining SADD or donating to our organization please contact Ms. Conte at sconte@lrhsd.org for further information.