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  • Creative Digital Media

    Looking for a fun and worthwhile elective?  The Creative Digital Media course is an introductory course that combines digital video production, photography and graphic design.  This course will serve as a starting point for students who want to experience both of the different media creation outlets of still photography and/or video media.  In this course, students will get hands-on experience in all aspects of digital media creation which can help them choose their path forward between photography and video. Students will also learn how to create entertaining and educational material to be expressed through a variety of applications and social media platforms.

    Creative Digital Media fulfills the following graduation requirements:

    • Visual/Performing Arts
    • 21st Century Life and Careers or Career Technical Education

About Lenape Digital Media

  • Advisor: Mr. Ebbeson
    Asst. Advisor: Ms. Rakow

    Lenape Digital Media is open to all students interested in learning more about digital media production.  The club focuses on four content areas: Television, Film & Video, Photography and Graphic Design.  The club meets all year.  Stop by ND-25 to see Mr. Ebbeson or Ms. Rakow if you are interested in joining.

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