Instructions for Working Papers

    • Section A (Minor's Personal Information):
      • Complete your personal information.
    • Section B (Employment Information):
      • Bring the form to your employer to complete this section and to sign and date the Promise of Employment.
    • Section C (Physician's Certification):
      • This section should be signed and stamped by your physician.
    • Section D (Proof of Age):
      • Provide a copy of your birth certificate, passport or baptismal certificate to us to verify your birth date.
    • Section A (Parent/Guardian Authorization):
      • Parent/Guardian must sign and date this section.
    • Section F (Signature of Minor): 
      • You (the minor) must sign and date this section.
    • Section E (School Record):
      • Bring the form to your high school to sign and date.
    • Section F (Issuing Officer Certification):
      • Bring completed form to the Main Office at Shawnee High School for signature. Return the original form to your employer and we will submit a copy to the state of NJ.


    Please note: You can electronically fill out the paperwork but you must print it out and sign it.  You cannot electronically sign this document; it will not be accepted.  You may also print it out and fill it out with pen.

    For any questions please contact Jessica Clark in the main office - or 609-654-7544, extension 445000