Academics Update

  • CP, ACC and Honors Biology classes hosted guest speaker Alanna Miller, a Shawnee and Delaware Valley alumni. Ms. Miller discussed genetic engineering applications in agriculture.

    ACC Physics classes completed the chain reaction project that summarized the energy curriculum unit.

    Mrs. Watson’s Accounting 4 students have been learning how to set up a company in QuickBooks Online. They have learned to customize company settings, add service categories, add clients and sub-clients, create invoices and sales receipts, and even set up pricing-rules.

    TV Broadcasting students are working with Pixar and Khan Academy to produce short films.

    The Center for the Arts in Marlton hosted the Burlington County HS exhibit this month. The show is still hanging until the end of April. The five high schools that participated this year were Shawnee, Cherokee, Lenape, Seneca and RV. Shawnee had 15 students participate in the show. The following students from Shawnee received awards of excellence for their submissions: Anthony Venturi and Tyson Sieben. Congrats to our talented students! 

    Mr. Franks' World Cultures classes are working on African Country Case Study projects where they are utilizing economic data and research to prepare modernization plans for their respective choices. They will soon be presenting their findings to the class.

    Mr. Franks' Financial Literacy classes recently completed their Supply and Demand in the real-world projects where they chose a big-ticket item that they plan to buy in their lifetimes and studied the past movements in price of those goods to try to predict what might happen in the future to the value of those products.

    Mr. Franks' AP Economics students have been studying international trade and applying economic theory to their Macro Country Case Study projects by researching real world data to analyze.

    Students in Mr. Aha's US History 1 classes recently learned about Manifest Destiny including life in the emerging west in the early 1800s. Students played the Oregon Trail game paired with a primary source activity in which they experienced just how hard life was on the trail and the difficulties many of these people faced.

    Students in Mr. Aha's US History 2 class recently learned about the Civil Rights movement and different reasons why the Civil Rights movement started and the goals of the movement.