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    Mrs. Durbin comes to Sequoia after working many years in the Lenape Regional High School district at several of our sister schools.  She enjoys working with teenagers helping them recognize and learn the many ways they can use self-help modalities to remedy minor health issues.  This philosophy of “Self-Care” creates an atmosphere that fosters independence and provides a guide for students to utilize as they move into their young adulthood years.  

    Mrs. Durbin provides urgent and routine medical care to students.  Students will receive an annual health screening which includes a measurement of their height, weight and blood pressure.  Should an abnormal finding be discovered, Mrs. Durbin will recommend that your son or daughter receive a follow exam with their Primary Care Physician or Pediatrician.  Other “grade appropriate” testing in school includes screening a student’s hearing, vision and examining their backs for evidence of scoliosis (curvature of the spine). 

    Should your student require medication during the school day, you will need to download the medication forms from the district website and follow the policy and procedure as described.

    If your student has an acute or chronic medical condition, please call (609-268-3700 ext. 3707) or email (sdurbin@lrhsd.org) Mrs. Durbin to discuss your son or daughter’s healthcare needs while in school. Please note the new fax number for Mrs. Durbin’s office is now 856-983-5143.

    Mrs. Durbin welcomes your feedback concerning any medical issues involving your son or daughter that can improve the quality of care rendered in the alternative high school setting.