• Congratulations to Seneca's March, 2023 Students and Employee of the Month: 

                    9th Grade – Kathryn Kutsmeda

                    10th Grade – Blake Maher

                    11th Grade – Hannah Foster

                    12th Grade – Kyle Pickard

    Employee of the Month:   Mr. Anthony DiOrio

    Anthony has always been an outstanding teacher & mentor to his students. Recently, he has given all of us a gift. He brought Unified Basketball to our school and our district. In order to start this team, Anthony had to prove that he could raise money, order uniforms, arrange paraprofessionals to help, teach the kids the purpose of basketball, find regular education students to play, and much more. And if that wasn’t enough, he found a way to raise over $700 for the Special Olympics in the process. Anthony’s passion for the Unified Basketball team drew students who wanted to participate, encouraged opponents to play, and so much more. He's given all students a chance to be the star (the star player AND the star helper). His efforts helped create the best sporting event some of us have ever been a part of and made everyone feel like they had a part in it! This has not only shined a light on the students and professionals involved, but a spotlight on the amazing fans our school has. His efforts with Unified Basketball have made Seneca even more special and has helped bring our Seneca Spirit back after the terrible quiet and isolation of the COVID pandemic. This is what makes the Seneca Family a family. We are all so THANKFUL to Anthony not only for his follow through, but for making it brilliant!