• The Lenape Regional High School District Staff Development Mission:

    It is the belief of the Lenape Regional High School District that continuing

    improvement of the professional skills of teachers and administrators is essential to the

    success of the entire student population. Professional development opportunities shall

    include district-wide and school-wide programs, as determined by existing contractual

    agreements, as well as individual personal improvement programs. All professional

    development endeavors will be aligned with the New Jersey Standards for Required

    Professional Development of Teachers and School Leaders. In addition, all endeavors

    will also be aligned with the Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Interstate

    School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards (ISLLC). Staff development will

    involve educators in a collegial and collaborative dialogue with other educators to

    expand the knowledge and expertise needed to guide students toward the successful

    attainment and mastery of the Core Curriculum Content Standards. This will result in

    the promotion of excellence in instruction and the creation of a culture that encourages

    improved student achievement.

    Introducing Lenape Education Units (LEU)

    Formally known as Continuing Education Units (CEU)

    The name was changed to avoid confusion that has occurred because other organizations distribute CEUs which are not equivalent to the CEUs that LRHSD distributed.  All previously earned CEUs will still be accepted as graduate credit on the salary guide.  All new LEUs will also be accepted as graduate credit on the salary guide.  Only LRHSD CEUs and LEUs are accepted as graduate credit on the salary guide.

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