The Board of Education recognizes that school facilities are public property. However, the Board also recognizes that the primary purpose of the facilities is to support the education of young people and as such cannot permit non-school activities to interfere with that purpose. Additionally, the Lenape Board of Education acknowledges that school funds are not to be used to subsidize outside facilities and that usage fees must be charged. Therefore, the Board will permit public use of facilities in accordance with this policy.

    The Board further recognizes that unrestricted use of facilities can cause damage to fields, courts and buildings. Therefore, to insure that proper care and maintenance can be accomplished, it reserves the right to prohibit, rescind or change the use of its facilities, with-out notice. The Board and/or its agents, reserve the right to suspend or prohibit any use of facilities regardless of prior approval or not.

    A. General Regulations Concerning Use of Facilities:

    1. Alcoholic Beverages – Alcoholic beverages in any form are not to be brought onto, served, or consumed on or in school buildings or grounds. Revocation of permission to use and/or immediate ejection from the facilities may result for violation of this resolution.

    2. Refreshments or Meals – Refreshments or meals are to be served only in the cafeteria, concession stands, and/or stipulated areas which may be rented for that purpose. Revocation of permission to use, or ejection from the facilities may result for violation of this regulation.

    3. Smoking – Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all district facilities and grounds.

    4. Any and all School sponsored functions will take precedence over any other use indoors and outdoors.

    5. All activities must be terminated by ten (10) o'clock p.m. with one additional hour only for clean up.

    6. Proof of adequate liability insurance along with a release and waiver of Board responsibility for personal or property damage must be provided prior to approval.

    7. Facilities will Not be available:

    a. When school is in session

    b. When the facility is being used for school sponsored functions

    c. During School holidays

    d. Legal Holidays

    e. During Graduation Activities

    f. Two weeks prior to school opening

    8. Facilities cannot be used for any purposes prohibited by law or that may result in loss of funds to the district.

    9. Tennis courts will be scheduled and preference will be given to the scheduled activities but if scheduled use of the tennis courts is not made than the public is welcome on a first come, first serve basis in accordance with posted rules and regulations.

    B. Priorities of Use

    All school sponsored activities have top priority and take precedence over all other organizations and functions. Within group designation (2) the Municipality in which the school is located is given top priority. The following list designates the order of priority.

    1. Organizations or functions part of or directly sponsored by the Lenape Regional High School District.

    2. The eight constituent municipalities of the Lenape Regional High School District.

    3. Established Township Youth Athletic Organizations per the following list:

    a. Mt. Laurel Recreation Department

    b. Medford Youth Athletic Association (MYAA)

    c. Medford American Legion

    d. Marlton Recreational Counsel

    e. Indian Mills AA

    f. Pinelands United

    g. Tabernacle AA

    h. Seneca Youth Organization

    i. Southampton AA

    j. Woodland Township Youth Program

    4. Youth groups of high school age not part of or directly sponsored by the Lenape Regional High School District.

    5. Adult groups – residents of the Lenape Regional High School District

    6. All others within the Lenape Regional High School District.

    7. Other

    C. Application Deadlines and Guidelines

    1. All applications and filing requirements such as proof of insurance and fire permits must be received 30 days prior to first facility use date. The due dates will not be waived and your request will be rejected if not able to comply.

    2. Organizations must request only those facilities, dates, and times required to permit the most effective use of all facilities. Unwarranted or impractical requests will be returned to the sender for modification prior to any review.

    D. Supervision

    1. Each requesting organization is responsible for proper supervision of all activities, participants, spectators and facilities. Participants are not to be left unattended at any time. Proper supervision will be determined by the district and communicated to the user prior to approval.

    2. The requesting organization is responsible for the safety of participants and spectators by utilizing commonly prescribed safety procedures.

    3. Members of the regional high school staff are not to be requested to perform any supervision and/or medical service for the participants of any non-school organization.

    4. The use of school projectors, amplifiers, microphones, stage lighting, et cetera, shall only be permitted under the supervision of a school employee for a hired rate equivalent to his/her hourly rate or overtime rate if applicable. In addition, no equipment owned by the Board of Education shall be taken from the school premises.

    5. All school kitchens and kitchen equipment shall only be made available under the supervision of cafeteria employees for a hired rate equivalent to their hourly rate or overtime rate if applicable.

    E. Insurance

    1. All organizations must provide satisfactory evidence of insurance protection of participants, spectators and the public within the following terms and conditions. Users will maintain at least $1,000,000 per occurrence and aggregate of insurance covering the user's activities at the approved facilities and will name the Board of Education of the Lenape Regional High School District, 93 Willow Grove Road, Shamong, NJ 08088 as a named insured for the duration of the use of the facilities.

    2. The insurance certificate must be delivered to the Board of Education Office before the date the facilities are to be used. Permission to use facilities will be automatically cancelled if a valid insurance certificate is not furnished.

    3. The Board is not responsible for injury to person(s) loss of or damage to personal property.

    F. Maintenance and Use of Facilities

    Proper maintenance of facilities is of utmost importance. Organizations failing to abide by provisions of this policy will immediately be denied further use of facilities.

    1. Golf is prohibited.

    2. Field and play areas will not be reduced, enlarged or adapted to facilitate a program not commensurate to the dimensions of the existing high school program. For example: base lines changed; pitching distances altered; pitching mound lowered or raised; base paths shortened, goals moved, etc.

    3. Fields and play areas are to be maintained by the organizations. For example: cleaned, hand raked, batter's box and pitching mound filled level, base lines placed, etc. Under no circumstances should any baseball or softball field be dragged.

    4. Alteration of grounds and facilities is prohibited. For example: digging ditches for drainage, cutting chains, locks, etc.

    5. Activities will not take place if an authorized agent of the Board designates ground conditions are not suitable. If high school games are not played because of inclement weather, no “outside” games will be permitted. Immediate termination from the facilities may result for violation of this regulation.

    6. Fields, play areas, parking lots and the general area must be policed after the user's activity is complete. All trash must be placed in the proper receptacles.

    7. The organization using the facilities shall be liable for all damages and injury to Board property and shall reimburse the district for all costs of repair and replacement.

    G. Uses of Facilities and Grounds

    1. Organizations granted use of facilities and/or grounds may not under any circumstance permit the use of said facilities and/or grounds to any other

    organization in lieu of their use of said facilities and/or grounds. The only organization that is permitted is the one named on the application and the insurance certificate.

    2. In granting permission for the use of school facilities and/or grounds it is agreed that activities and meetings determined by the Board or its agent to threaten the

    safety, welfare or property, or otherwise to be inappropriate will not be permitted. Proper decorum must be maintained at all times.

    3. Use of outdoor facilities does not include the use of school buildings, indoor restrooms, storage sheds, concession stands, trash cans, or press boxes without specific written request and approval.

    4. Use of indoor facilities such as coat rooms, lavatories, ticket booth, projection booth, dressing rooms, etc., must be included in the initial request for building usage.

    5. Aisles and doorways must be kept open and free of any objects al all times. Adequate supervision must be available to insure that aisles and doorways are free of standees.

    6. At no time may tickets be sold or issued to exceed the rated seating capacity of the room(s). (Capacities may be determined by contacting the Office of Buildings and Grounds.)

    7. Renting the cafeteria does not include use of the kitchen or its equipment. The kitchen and kitchen equipment must also be requested. All dinners or meals must be arranged through the district's food management company and school Custodial Supervisors.

    8. Operation and use of stage lighting and sound system will be permitted only by authorized school personnel employed for the specific purpose for a hired rate equivalent to his/her hourly rate or overtime rate if applicable.

    9. The use of decorations in any area must have prior approval of the Director of Buildings and Grounds. In general these materials must be non-flammable. At

    no time can materials or equipment be stapled, pinned, pasted, or otherwise attached on stage curtains, walls or painted surfaces. The use of cellophane tape is specifically prohibited.

    10. A parking attendant service may be required, based upon the needs of the applicant and the determination of the district. If required, it is the responsibility

    of the applicant to make arrangements with the company for the necessary coverage and costs and provide to the district an appropriate insurance certificate from the company naming Lenape Regional High School District as the additional insured.

    11. Police coverage may be required and the school district will determine the number of police needed for a particular event. This requirement is not negotiable. If required, it is the responsibility of the applicant to make arrangements with the local police force for this necessary coverage and to pay the police force directly.

    H. Schedule of Fees

    Organizations which do not come within the description of classification listed below will be forwarded to the Board of Education for a decision.

    A session is defined as 4 hours. Each additional hour will be one-fourth the session cost.

    1. Class A – Profit and Non Profit Organizations whose purpose is to benefit their own organization or interest, whether a fee is charged or not.


    Per Session Cost

    Add'l Hourly Cost




    Band Room



    Cafeteria and/or Kitchen



    Kitchen only






    Classroom or Other Misc. Room



    Athletic Fields



    Tennis Courts



    Parking Lot






    2. Class B – Non-profit, non-commercial organizations who basic purpose is to benefit the residents of the community, will be charged at a rate of one-half the fees established under Class A.

    3. Class C - For the eight constituent municipalities of the Lenape Regional High School District and the Established Township Youth Athletic Organizations listed in Section B-2, there is no charge for facility use. However, all other fees do apply.

    4. Class D – District staff requesting the facilities or grounds to conduct programs that will promote the interest of students will be charged at a rate of one-half the fees established under Class A. Additionally, requesting staff member must demonstrate expertise in the program being offered.

    5. Custodial/Grounds Services: It is mandatory that a custodian holding a black seal certificate be present during any and all events. Due to this regulation a custodian must be on duty and a charge equivalent to his/her hourly rate or his/her overtime rate if required. A confirmation letter will confirm the rate that will be charged. When applying include set up and clean up time into the facilities rental request.

    6. Kitchen Supervision Services: All kitchen use must be approved by the district's food management company and the school's Custodial Supervisor. When the cafeteria is used and refreshments or food are served by using the kitchen, a cafeteria employee must be on duty for which fees of his/her hourly rate or overtime rate if applicable will be charged. (Minimum charge of four (4) hours will be assessed).

    7. Stage Lighting: Authorized school personnel used for this purpose will be paid his/her hourly rate or overtime rate if applicable.

    8. Technology/Video: All technology/video equipment and the school district's network is not permitted for use unless a school technician is employed for the event at which a charge equivalent to his/her hourly rate or overtime rate if applicable will be billed.

    9. Waste Removal: Fees will be assessed on actual excess costs, based on the size and type of event.

    10. Portable Toilets: Fees will be assessed based on number of Portable Toilets needed.

    I. Payment of Fees/Deposit

    1. Payment of deposits, basic usage fees and other fees must be in the form of a check or money order, made payable to Lenape Regional High School District.

    J. Parking

    1. Vehicles are not permitted on any portion of the field area for any reason. Exception: one vehicle may be brought to the spot when an injury of a participant necessitates emergency measures.

    2. No organization or group may charge for parking, except as required in Section G-10.

    3. Parking is limited to areas designated as parking lots. For example: black top surfaced areas around the buildings


    K. Damages

    Users of school facilities, as part of application for use thereof, automatically assume responsibility for all damages and loss to school property that occurs while using said facilities. The users must agree to indemnify and hold the Board of Education and its agents harmless from all losses, claims, expenses including attorney's fees, damagers and other costs.

    L. Approval Authority

    It is the responsibility of the Director of Buildings and Grounds in consultation with the appropriate Principal, Head Custodian, and Food Service Management Company to receive, review, approve, or deny all requests for use of the facilities under the stated policies.

    M. Cancellation

    Cancellation of any use of facilities must be given 48 hours in advance. Failure to comply may result in a charge equivalent to time paid to additional personnel made available to assist with the organization scheduled facility use.

    Reference: 18A: 20-34

    Date Adopted: October 6, 1971

    Date Revised: July 16, 1974

    Date Revised: February 15, 1977

    Date Revised: October 19, 1982

    Date Revised: January 19, 1988

    Date Revised: August 20, 1991

    Date Revised: March 1, 1999

    Date Revised: August 14, 2008

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