2020 Senior Trip Info

  • This Page will be updated as more current information becomes available:


    Things to know:

    All Students who wish to go on the trip need to have a minimum of $300 in their account at the completion of the September 2019 Collection window.

    Traditionally, the full payment will be required sometime in December of 2019!  (This date could vary by up to a month and is just for your long term planning)

    There is no finalized cost at this time. We should have a final cost given to us by the travel agent sometime this summer.

    We expect the final cost to be in the range of $1400-$1500. 

    The trip is scheduled to be 5 days and 4 nights.

    Price includes all park tickets and includes a park hopper ticket add-on.

    Each day a student will recieve a meal voucher ticket


    Please understand that this information is tentative and is subject to change.  The goal was to help alleviate some common questions.