• DefyTheIssue
    The mission of Defy the Issue as a community coalition involving Evesham, Medford, Medford Lakes, Mount Laurel, Shamong, Southampton, Tabernacle and Woodland is to educate families and residents of all ages about the dangers of illegal drug and alcohol use and to provide support for young people by empowering them to DEFY the pressures of drug and alcohol use.  This will be accomplished through:
              • A marketing campaign demonstrating solidarity for
                Defy the Issue
              • Education, outreach and support for families
              • Community awareness soliciting sponsorship and support for Defy the Issue from all stakeholders

  • Herren-Oct-19 Chris Herren is a former NBA basketball player, motivational speaker, author, and sobriety advocate who struggled with substance abuse for much of his basketball career. Alcohol- and drug-free since August 1, 2008, he has refocused his life to put his sobriety and family above all else.

    In his personal presentation, Chris shares his harrowing story of abuse and recovery in a brutally honest format. From growing up in Fall River, Massachusetts, to playing Division 1 college basketball and in the NBA, Chris takes the audience on his journey from addiction to sobriety while addressing gateway drugs, prescription drug abuse, self-harm, and drinking and driving.

    With the hope of reaching just one person and making an impact in their life, Chris travels the United States sharing his story with professional athletic teams and leagues including the NBA, NFL and MLB, universities, colleges, high schools and community groups. Since 2009 he has spoken to over 500,000 people nationwide, furthering a message of hope and that it is never too late to start a new chapter in your life.

    The Lenape Regional High School district invites parents and guardians to a special presentation by Chris Herren on Thursday, October 19th at 7 pm at the Lenape Regional Performing Arts Center located at Cherokee High School in Marlton. This presentation, as well as a Substance Abuse Awareness Expo, will be open to the public.  The expo, provided by the LRHSD’s Defy the Issue campaign, will begin at 6 pm and include support resources and organizations - highlighted by City of Angel’s “Hidden in Plain Sight” exhibit.

    Chris will also speak at school assemblies for all Lenape District students during the week of October 16th. Please use this event as an opportunity to reinforce healthy decisions with your student, including with regard to drugs and alcohol.  These conversations with our children are vital to their well-being.

    For more information about Chris Herren visit http://www.ahoopdream.com/ and http://thpprojectpurple.org/.

Important News:

  • Overdose Prevention Poster  
    15 Minute Child Break
    The 15-Minute Child Break is a FREE, interactive, one hour presentation for parents, grandparents and caregivers who are concerned about children (of any age) and substance abuse. Representatives from the Partnership meet with groups on location to deliver this informative, engaging, and education presentation.

     National Study from DrugFree.org
    Teen marijuana use up 80% since 2008 and 1 in 10 teens report using marijuana at least 20 times a month.
        •    Click HERE for parent resources

LRHSD Initiatives:

    1. Southampton Twp. Schools & Lenape Regional High School District Parent/Student Presentation
    2. Video Promos
    3. Opening Day Staff Recognition Poster
    4. Freshman Orientation Promotion
    5. Back to School Night Promotion
    6. Football Helmet Decal and Collaboration with Rec. Programs
    7. Business Promotional Partnerships
    8. Clings with QR Codes
    9. Nike Letter
    10. Family Dinner Link
    11. Board of Education Updates
    12. PRIDE Grant Application Submitted by LDEA
    13. Medford Municipal Alliance Grant
    14. Partnership with Medford Township Schools as part of the Municipal Alliance Grant
    15. Partnership with Prevention Plus of Burlington County
    16. Partnership with King's Crusade

  • 5 easy steps

    Prescription drug abuse is not a new problem, but it is one that deserves renewed attention. According to data reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse in December 2011, prescription and over-the-counter medications account for most of the commonly abused illicit drugs by high school seniors. For example, nearly 1 in 12 high school seniors reported non-medical use of Vicodin and 1 in 20 reported abuse of OxyContin. When asked how prescription narcotics were obtained for non-medical use, 70 percent of 12th graders said they were given to them by a friend or relative.