Web Evaluation


As you are researching, you will use print, database and internet resources for information.  

The print and database resources in the library (such as online encyclopedias and non-fiction books) have been reviewed by professionals to make sure the information in them is accurate.  

Internet resources, on the other hand, can be created by anyone.  The information presented on these sites may not be true.  

How can you decide whether or not to trust the information on a website?














Your job is to determine if a website should be shut down because it may have inaccurate information.  You must state what factors make this website suspicious.  Look for things like:

         Date the webpage has been last updated

         If you can find contact information- phone number, address

         Do the links all work or are they broken?

         Are there any spelling mistakes?

         Does the webpage look professionally designed?

         What is the web page address? (.com, .org, k12)

         Is the web page trying to sell you anything?

         Who is the author of the webpage?  What are the author's credentials?

         Is there a list of works cited?

Use the handout to record what you trust about the websites and would you do not trust.







Website 1

Website 2

Website 3

Website 4

Website 5

















Take a look at the evaluation criteria that librarians at Cornell University have listed at:


            Compare your criteria to the experts. 
            Did you leave out any criteria that you should include in your list? 
            Did you select criteria that the specialists didnít?