Science Abstracts

An abstract is a summary of an article from a journal or magazine.  These articles must be chosen from a scientific journal (paper or online), must be current, and at least 2 text pages in length.


Formatting Instructions:

* Type your name in the top left hand corner - followed by the work cited directly

under your name. (The work cited will tell your reader where you got the

information - use correct MLA format.)

* Triple space between the citation and the start of your paper.

* Abstracts must be typed and at least 1 page in length.

* Use Times New Roman size 12 font double space text margins are 1 inch.

* You MUST turn in a copy of the article or magazine that you used with your abstract.

The following database links will help you find appropriate articles for your assignment

EBSCO Student Research-- Magazine/newspaper articles

  • Jump to Earth/Environment Databases
  • Type in search term and then click Search
  • Narrow your search: by date / by periodicals /by database (MAS)
  • Check for page length (need at least 2 pages)
  • Click on the blue title link to bring up the entire article
  • Bibliographic (citation) information is at the top of the article

Student Resources in Context

  • Choose Topics go to Science tab
  • Click on a topic in the list
  • Scroll to Academic Journals or Magazines view all
  • Choose article and click on title to view (check length and date)
  • Source citation is at bottom and can be cut and pasted!

Reminder: Passwords and usernames to databases = senecahs


When citing your resource, use the following sample MLA format:

Newman, Richard J. "The Best University." U.S. News and World Report 28 Sept. 2000:




_______________, ___________. ___________________________._________________

Last name, First name. "Title of Article (in quotes)." Name of Magazine


(doublespace and

indent 5 spaces→) _____ ______ ________: _____________.

Day Month Year: Page Number(s).