Create a Travel Commercial for a City in Spain

- using Photo Story



Frommer's:  Travel guides to planning a trip – what to see, where to go

Fodor's:  Travel information on sights, hotels, attractions, restaurants, nightlife, etc.

Google Images:  For pictures of your city

Spanish Cities: travel info for Spain




From media center computers à

à Start menu

à All programs

à Photo Story 3 for Windows


Page 1:  Click on BEGIN A NEW STORY (or “edit a project”, if returning)


Page 2:  Click on IMPORT PICTURES to select your saved pictures to upload

                        à Be sure to import all pictures you would like in the presentation at this step

                        à To change order of pictures uploaded, use the arrows on the right

                        à You can make minor edits to each picture by using the tools under the picture


Page 3:  “Add a title to your pictures”

                        à Add a title or caption or other words to each picture on this page

                        à You can edit, change fonts and colors, etc.

                        à You should add words to all pictures at this step


Page 4:  “Narrate your pictures and customize motion”

                        à You can use a microphone to add sound and narrate your story

                        à Click on each picture and narrate for that slide

                        à Click on CUSTOMIZE MOTION under the picture

                                    à Change the duration

                                    à Be sure to click on TRANSITION to add various transitions to each                                                      slide


Page 5: “Add background music”

                        à Click on SELECT MUSIC to import a music file you have saved

                        à Click on CREATE MUSIC to select music in various categories (classical,                                             rock, pop, etc)


Page 6:  “Save your photo story”

                        à Specify the location and file name of your story to save the movie file                                                   (SELECT YOUR H DRIVE)

                        à Also, click on “save project” to save the mp3 file of the pictures and audio

                        à Be sure to hit NEXT (just saving it does not actually save it!!!!!)

                        à It will take a few minutes to save your project to a usable file