Create a Travel Brochure on

A Spanish City - Using Publisher




Frommer's:  Travel guides to planning a trip – what to see, where to go

Fodor's:  Travel information on sights, hotels, attractions, restaurants, nightlife, etc.

Google Images:  For pictures of your city

Spanish Cities: travel info for Spain




J  In program menu – find Microsoft Office – then Publisher

J  Click on Publications for Print – then find Brochures in drop down menu

J  Choose one of the designs shown (do not use one with Special Paper)

J  When the Personal Information Box appears – fill in your information as needed (if you don’t want to include the information – leave the section blank)

J  Notice you are looking at a  2-page document – page 1 is the outside of the folded brochure and page 2 is the inside of the folded brochure











                                    Page 1                                                             Page 2



J  To remove existing info – just highlight and type your information right on top OR hold down Control A to select everything on the page – then hit delete

J  Now that everything is gone – you can add your own text boxes and pictures and WordArt etc.

J  Type in the information about your “human”

J  Be sure to make your brochure “jazzy” – use color, different fonts, pictures, etc. to make your brochure look interesting

J  Save to your H drive AND to a class flash drive (see your teacher)

J  When it’s time to print – we will use the color printer – see Donoghue for this