Women�s Issues:

Dating Abuse, Domestic Violence and Stalking



Objectives:Locate, utilize and apply information from reliable internet sources to complete your assignment.


To get to this pathfinder from home:

Go to www.lrhsd.org/shawnee � In quicklinks box, select Media Cente r�--Select Assignments/eboard � Social Studies � Women�s issues /Ms. Lorenz


Whenever researching legal questions and issues be very careful to only use reliable sources.If in doubt find the section of the site �about� to discover the source of the information.


Reliable sites:


Institute for Law and Justicehttp://www.ilj.org/-- Use the search box .


Violence Against Women Online Resourceshttp://www.vaw.umn.edu/ -- Use the search box.


Women�s Law Initiativehttp://www.WomensLaw.org � Use drop-down box to select your state.Information about teenagers can be found by selecting from the left hand subjects.


Stalking Resource Center of the National Center for Victims of Crimehttp://www.ncvc.org/src/index.html -- Provides stalking laws state-by state.


New Jersey Legislative Sitehttp://www.njleg.state.nj.us � Fill in search term in keyword box.




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