Southern Hospitality Research Project

Mrs. Anderson


To access this pathfinder from home: 

Go to  – In Quicklinks box, select Media Center–-- select Assignments/eboard – scroll down to Family and Consumer Science – click on Southern Hospitality Research Project/Mrs. Anderson.


Objective: Explore books and internet resources to locate information on your state to complete the requirements of your assignment.


Books can be found by searching the Shawnee High School Online catalog.  From the Media Center Homepage – select “Find a Book” from the side menu.  Then enter the term “Southern cookery” in the search bar and click on “Subject.”




Select Research Databases from the Media Center Webpage -> Facts on File World Atlas – choose your state from the “Select a US State” drop down menu.


Excellent websites:


Official state website –  (example:Alabama)  To       locate your state site substitute the state abbreviation.


State and Capitals –  -- Follow this address then select your state.


Search Terms:


Do a Google search using the search term: “state” official tourism site

      Example: alabama official tourism site


You can also try searching: “state” cuisine – ex. Alabama cuisine


Don’t forget you can find images by searching Google Images and Flickr