Shakespeare�s The Tempest

For:Mrs. Garrido


Mastery Objective:

Students will be able to locate, utilize, and apply technology from online resources in order to complete a teacher made outline on the Renaissance Period.


To get to this pathfinder from home:

Go to Select Shawnee High School Select Departments Select Media Center Select Assignments Select Shakespeare Period 1 Part 2 � Garrido


***You need to have a Media Center Bookmark with the database passwords on it to access these resources for home!***



EBSCOHost: Student Research Center

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Facts on File:Modern World History

Renaissance AND housing

Renaissance AND travel

Renaissance AND entertainment

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Renaissance: The Elizabethan World

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Everyday Life in Elizabethan England

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Renaissance AND housing


Renaissance AND Clothing













Created by: P. Richter and R. Wagner Created for: C. Garrido 9/2007