Shakespeare’s Tempest:  Part 3

For:  Mrs. Garrido


Mastery Objective: 

Students will be able to locate, utilize, and apply technology from online resources in order to complete a teacher made outline on Milan, Italy, and the surrounding Islands of the Mediterranean. 


To get to this pathfinder from home: 

Go to Ž Select Shawnee High School Ž Select Departments Ž Select Media Center Ž Select Assignments Ž Select Shakespeare Period 1, Part 3 – Garrido

***You need to have a Media Center Bookmark with the database passwords on it to access these resources for home!***


Technology Issues: 

If the database links are not working go directly to the Media Center Website.  Select Research Databases on the left side of the screen.  Select the database you want to use.



EBSCOHost: Student Research Center

  • Search by selecting Encyclopedia
  • Type Milan OR Italy

Search Tips:

  • Notice how the information is organized.

Facts on File:  Modern World History

  • You may need to select Modern World History database to begin searching.
  • If you need the username and password, it is on the Media Center Bookmark!
  • Search by Milan OR Italy

Search Tips:

  • Notice how you can select from several articles.
  • Be careful of which article you are selecting!
  • Notice how you can navigate through the database by using the index across the top of the website.  Features include images and maps!


  • ***Use Boolean Searching = linking terms together to locate specific information
  • Examples: Milan AND maps

Italy AND maps



Encyclopedia Britannica Online

  • Search by Milan OR Italy

Search Tips:

  • Select the full/main article
  • Notice how you can “expand” or “collapse” your results.  This feature allows you to locate specific information easier and faster!



Search Tips:

  • Notice how the website organizes the information by category.  Some of the categories include people, history, government, political conditions, economy, travel, background notes, etc.






  • Select Images
  • Use Boolean Searching. 

Example:  Milan




                  Mediterranean Island                                                                                                                               










Created by:  P. Richter and R. Wagner Created for: C. Garrido            9/2007