Research For A Persuasive Speech


Mastery Objective:Students will be able to locate, utilize, and apply technology from online resources to create a persuasive speech.


There are two purposes of utilizing books when doing research:

1.To find information relevant to your topic.

2.To utilize the index to find search terms to narrow your topic for both print and

���� electronic material.

To search for books on the Shawnee Media Center�s Online Catalog:

To find background information about your topic:

  1. In the Subject space, type your broad topic.

��������� OR

To find information supporting your topic:

1.�� In the Subject space, type your broad topic

  1. Change next the boxes below the title to: AND & ANYWHERE
  2. Type, opposing viewpoints OR at issueOR pro/con
  3. Click Search


SIRS Researcher � Provides access to general reference, current news & issues, debate topics, science, historical and government documents, arts & humanities.

������ 1.Go to the Media Center�s website

������ 2.Click on Research Databases

������ 3.Click on SIRS Researcher

������ 4.In the Subject space, type your broad topic.

����������������������� OR

���������� Select More Issues (on the right-hand side of the screen � under Your Top �10� Pro vs. Con��

���������� Leading Issues)

Search Tips:

  • Once you select a broad topic, you can narrow down your search results by looking at their �Suggested Keywords� and their �See Also� section!
  • Notice how this database organizes the information by Overview, Pro/Con, and My Analysis at the top of the screen!The My Analysis section provides you with information on how to organize your paper.
  • Notice all of the resources that are available in this database:Articles, Newspapers, Magazines, Government Documents, Primary Sources, Viewpoints, Graphics, Web Sites � For magazine and newspaper articles/reviews.

  1. Go to the Media Center�s website
  2. Click on Research Databases
  3. Click on
  4. Select the gray tab called Issues and Controversies in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  5. Select Need a Research Topic

Search Tips:

    • Notice how the database provides a list of themes followed by a narrowed list of specific topics by theme.


Created by P. Richter & R. Wagner ���������������� Created for M. Vogel ������������������������� November 2007