Favorite Photographer Research Pathfinder

Mr. Hochenberger


Lesson Objective: 

Students will be able to effectively locate, utilize and apply technology from online resources using the Media Center’s website to complete their research assignments.


NJ CCCS 8.1Computer and Information Literacy – All students will use computer applications to gather and organize information and to solve problems.



Please make sure that you are spelling your selected photographer’s name correctly!


To log on to the Shawnee Media Center’s website from home, type:  www.lrhsd.org/shawnee.  Please make sure you have the Media Center’s blue bookmark that has instructions and passwords for logging on from home.




The following books may contain information on your photographer.:


REF 920 ENCYCLOP  Encyclopedia of World Biography


REF 920.03 CURRENT Current Biography


REF 920 GROLIER Grolier Library of International Biographies


You may also search the Shawnee High School Online Catalog for additional materials. 

Basic Search:

  • From the Media Center Home Page, click on the “Find a Book, CD, or Video” tab on the left hand side of the page. 
  • Type in the name of your photographer (last name, first name)
  • Click the “Subject” button.  This will bring up a list of books currently in the Shawnee High School collection.


Power Search:

  • From the Media Center Home Page, click on the “Find a Book, CD, or Video” tab on the left hand side of the page.
  • Select the “Power” tab at the upper right hand corner of the Search box. 
  • Click on the drop down arrow in the first Search box, select Subject and type in the name of your photographer.
  • Move down to the section that says Limit your search titles to…” and click on the drop down arrow.  Select “All High Schools.” 
  • Click on the Search button. This will search the catalogs of all the schools in the LRHSD.  Please see one of the Media Specialists if you would like to request one of these books.


Note: You can also limit your search by material type by selecting some of the other options under the “Limit your search titles to…” section.


Research Databases:


  • From the Media Center Home Page, click on the “RESEARCH DATABASES” tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Then click on “GALE: History Resource Center: U.S.
  • Click “Proceed to enter the database.
  • You can select the following databases to search:
    1. Gale Virtual Reference Library
    2. Discovering Collection
    3. Biography Resource Center (very bottom of page)


Directions for Searching Gale Reference Library Databases:


Tips for Gale Reference Library:

  • Type your photographer’s name in the “Search” box, then click Search.
  • Select an article about your photographer.
  • You can either read the article or select the hyperlinked text after the citiation.  Note that the line “Document Links” contains information on how to cite your sources.  The line called “eBook Links” contains a link called “List of Illustrations.” This link provides access to images and a description of their work. 



Tips for Discovering Collection:

  • Type your photographer’s name in the “Search” box. Click Search.
  • There are four tabs at the top of the screen: Reference, Creative Works, Primary Sources and Multimedia.
    • Reference contains articles about the photographer.
    • Primary Sources includes first account interviews with the photographers or the photographer’s own writings about his/her work.

o       Multimedia is images with descriptions.

Note that each article includes a “How to Cite” link.  Remember to click on the link and save the citation to your H drive.


Tips for Biography Resource Center:

  • Type your photographers name in the “Search” box. Click Search.
  • Notice the tabs at the top of the screen: Biographies, Brief Biographies, Magazines and News, Websites.
    • Biographies and Brief Biographies include information about the photographer’s background.
    • Magazines and News provides descriptions about exhibits.
    • Websites provides accredited websites on the photographers work that may include images and descriptions of the art work.


Facts-on-File: World Atlas:

·        From the main Research Databases page, select “Fact-on-File-World Atlas” from the left hand column near the bottom.

·        From the drop down menu in the upper part of the screen, select your country.

·        Notice the “Country Menu” on the right.  The information on your country is broken down by category. You can click on any of these to access that information.


Britannica Online:

·        From the main Research Databases page, select “Britannica Online” from the top of the left hand column.

·        Scroll down to “High School” and select “View this level.”

·        Enter your photographer’s name in the search box.





Reminder:  You can use a Google search for websites about your photographer.  Please be sure they are reputable websites.  


Here are two to get you started:


Short Biographies of Greatest Photographers


Haber’s Art Reviews (www.haberarts.com)


For some of the newer, less well-known photographers you will need to do a bit more searching to find information about their work. You might look for educational websites (.edu) that contain criticism by others who have viewed their work.  Some suggestions might be to look at university or gallery websites where your photographer may have exhibited.  Check your photographer’s website (if he/she has one) for a list of exhibition sites or links to articles about the author.


Sample search terms:  curator critique of Loretta Lux, review of photographer Cindy Sherman 


You can also search on the name of a photograph, if it is well known.


Remember to look at footnotes, weblinks and bibliographies from other sources you may have found for other ideas.



****Remember that you need to cite your work!  Most of the databases contain a quick link to create the citation.  You need to click on the citation link and save it to your H drive.****  Please come and see one of the Media Specialists if you need help formatting citations.