Europe Teaching Assignment

Mr. Anderson

World Geography, L2



Locate, utilize and apply information from databases, the internet and books to complete this assignment.


To get to this pathfinder from home:

Go to – In quicklinks box, select Media Center–-- Select Assignments/eboard – Social Studies – Europe Teaching Assignment – Mr. Anderson


Research Databases:

Facts on File/World Atlas –{}

  • Select your country from drop down menu
  • Search using the “At-a-Glance” section (on the right hand side of the screen) to explore information on your country.

Information Includes:  Maps & Flags, Image Gallery, Geography, Weather and

Climate, Facts & Figures, History, People & Culture, Government, Society – {}

  • Select country profiles from right hand column – Select your country

Explore information

  • For additional information search “Key News Events” (on the left hand side of the screen)
  • More information is available under “Overviews:  World Almanac Encyclopedia”  (on the lower left hand side of the screen)


Internet Sites:

Atlapedia – {}


CIA (World Fact Book) – {}


Country Studies (Library of Congress) – {}

  • Search by “List of Countries” (right hand side of the screen)


Lonely Planet (Travel Guide) – {} – excellent images

  • GREAT for travel destinations!


Free Online Games:

Creating Crossword Puzzles:

Word Find:



Created by R. DiMarco and P. Richter for B. Anderson 1/2008