Mr. Kates

Driver’s Ed L-3


Multimedia Project


Objective:  Students will be able to create a pamphlet for Drivers Education using Microsoft Publisher.



Seat Belts                              

Child Seats/Booster              

Air Bags                                

ABS/Traction Control           


Project Components:

  • Each group will give an oral presentation on their topic.
  • Each group will create an informational brochure on their topic.
  • Pictures and graphics related to the topic must be neatly displayed on the brochure.
  •  Each group member will have a responsibility while creating the brochure.
  • Be creative with the information and pictures on the brochure.


Included in Brochure

  • Names of group members must be on the brochure
  • Must make brochure colorful
  • Use of headlines and explanation of topic
  • Eye catching brochure
  • Not too many pictures, not too much written information either





  • Visual Display                           (15pts)
  • Written Information                   (15 pts)
  • Oral Presentation                      (15 pts)
  • Neatness of written work          (10 pts)
  • Neatness of visual work            (10 pts)
  • Accuracy of Information           (10 pts)
  • Thoroughness                           (10 pts)
  • Creativity                                  (10 pts)
  • Work Ethic                               (5 pts)





Creating a pamphlet/brochure


To get to this pathfinder from home:

Go to -- In quicklinks box, select Media Center – Select Assignments/eboard – P.E and Health – Drivers Education /Mr.Kates.



Here is how you create a three-panel or four-panel pamphlet.


  1. Start Microsoft Publisher.
  2. Under New from a design, click Publications for Print, and then click Brochures.
  3. Select Informational and click choice in the Preview Gallery.
  4. In the Brochure Option, for Page size, click 3-panel.
  5. Provide needed personal information.
  6. Click a placeholder text block, and then type the text that you want.
  7. Right-click a placeholder picture, point to Change Picture, and then click the type of picture that you want to use.
  8. If you want to change the color or font select, click Color Schemes or Font Scheme in the Brochure Options.
  9. Be creative.