Cultural celebrations / Ms. GallimoRe


Objective:  Locate, utilize and apply information from databases, the internet and books to complete this assignment.


To get to this pathfinder from home:

Go to – In quicklinks box, select Media Center–-- Select Assignments/eboard –World Language–Cultural Celebrations/Ms. Gallimore



 Research Databases:

**Facts on File/World Atlas –{}

Select your country from drop down menu – Read “At-a-glance” section then select People and Culture – Select Holidays and Celebrations at the top of the page – Explore other areas – {}

Select country profiles from right hand column – Select your country – Explore information  – For additional information select a “key news event” – More information is available under “at a glance” if you click World Almanac Encyclopedia  (excellent information)




Internet Sites:

Atlapedia – {}


CIA (World Fact Book) – {}


**Lonely Planet (Travel Guide) – {}