March Madness Poetry - Resources

Mastery Objective: As a result of our time in the media center, you will be able to locate poems, poet biographies and poem analyses in print and online using the Media Center Collection, eBooks, Databases and credible websites to complete your poetry project.

To access: Go to Lenape Media Center (
                            ---Click on CLASS PROJECTS (on left)
                                        ---Click on New - Poetry 


Full Text Poems Online:

The Poetry Tool-

Poem Hunter-  Search for a poem by name or browse lists of poems on different subjects

Poetry 180- Full text of 180 poems from the Library of Congress


Databases & eBooks- Use lenapehs1 for all usernames/passwords

Biography in Context (for information on your poet)

~Enter poet's name to find detailed articles about your poet

~Or, click on OCCUPATION search and search for POET (you can limit your search by gender, ethnicity, nationality, age). 

**Poetry Analysis Databases**

eBooks - including Poetry for Students

~Use lenapehs1  for username/password

~Under "literature" (on left), you can find the POETRY FOR STUDENTS ebook.

~Search all volumes in the search box on the left ("search this series") for your poet and/or a poem

~Browse the eBook Index or eTable of Contents in a specific volume

~Search for specific poems/poets (check off "within this publication" & "all volumes in this edition")

~Find information about your poet as well as the full-text of some poems

Literary Reference Center

~After entering username/password, select "Literary Reference Center" from list of databases

~Find full-text poems as well as criticisms and other results

Facts on File- Bloom’s Literary Reference

~"Browse Works" or search for overviews, analyses and criticisms


Lenape Media Center Catalog

~Use our catalog or ask Ms. Gaffney or Ms. Fauver for help finding a book with a specific poet's work

~Browse our nonfiction collection:


MULTIMEDIA TOOLS - Directions and Tips

Multimedia Presentation Tools

Tips for using the following multimedia tools and properly citing all info

-Movie Maker, PhotoStory, Google Sites, Glogster, Power Point, Prezi, and Voicethread



Citation Generator

Easy Bib -Use to generate citations in MLA format for poems and information you find in books or on the Web. 


Created 4/19/2012 by Ms. Fauver and Ms. Gaffney for English classes at Lenape High School. Last updated 2/21/2013.