Gods and Goddesses Presentation:
Mythology Resources

Mastery Objective: You will be able to find and apply information about Gods and Goddesses from print and online sources using the Media Center Collection, eBooks, Databases and credible websites to create a Power Point Presentation.

To access: Go to Lenape Media Center (http://www.lrhsd.org/lhsmedia)
                            ---Click on CLASS PROJECTS (on left)
                                        ---Click on Hammond (Mythology - Gods and Goddesses Resources)

Books & eBooks

Lenape Media Center Catalog

eBooks (Gale Virtual Reference Library)



Encyclopedia Mythica: mythology, folklore, and religion (pantheon.org)

Windows to the Universe Mythology page (from the National Earth Science Teachers Association)



Facts on File- Ancient & Medieval History


Cite all of your sources (pictures and information)

Cite all of your sources in MLA Format



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