Geometry Children's Book Resources

To access: Go to Lenape Media Center ( -- Click on CLASS PROJECTS -- Click on BOWERS (Geometry Children's Book Project) 
Mastery Objective:  You will be able to search databases and credible websites to find images, facts, and other materials and apply the information to design their Geometry Children's Book project.

Resources: WEBSITES
**REMEMBER - use only VALID and CREDIBLE websites -- Evaluate websites -- DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA.  Make sure you can trust the AUTHOR.**

(1) Geometry Glossary
From thinkquest, excellent source for geometry terms and images. 

(2) Geometry from Math League
Includes definitions, concepts and explanations.

(3) Cliff Notes: Geometry Glossary

(4) Geometry Definitions from

(5) Lenape Online Catalog - WebPath Express
Click on WEBPATH EXPRESS ON LEFT.  Search for GEOMETRY or specific terms.

(6) Geometry Junkyard
From a professor at UC Irvine, great site for interesting geometry information and applications. 


Resources: ONLINE DATABASES (all usernames and passwords are: lenapehs1)

Biography Resource Center (Gale Database)
  • Enter password and hit Proceed
  • Click on OCCUPATION (at top of page)
  • Enter "mathematician"
  • This will find over 5000 mathematicians in alphabetical order
  • Click on one of the articles in the list to view the biography

Facts on File - Science Online -


Cite all Materials

Remember, every image, video, song, piece of information or idea THAT IS NOT YOUR OWN needs to be cited in your project!

•Our databases, eBooks & Discovery Videos give you citations which you can easily copy & paste into your "Works Cited" or credits slide.

•You can use a free online citation generator like EASYBIB.COM - (or ask Ms. Gaffney or Ms. Fauver) for help in making citations in MLA format for any websites, books, songs and images you use for your project.

•Remember that "GOOGLE IMAGES" is NOT a source! (It is a search engine or tool for finding images.) If you use Google Images (or Bing, etc.) to find pictures, you must cite the website where each image actually exists on the Web. DO NOT CITE GOOGLE IMAGES AS A SOURCE!


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