To Kill a Mockingbird:
Life in 1930s America Research Project

Mastery Objective: Students will be able to access, search, find and use information and images on topics related to American life in the 1930's from credible databases and websites.

To access: Go to Lenape Media Center (
                            ---Click on CLASS PROJECTS (on left)
                                        ---Click on To Kill a Mockingbird Project


Facts on File - American History Online


Facts on File - African American History Online

  • Enter username and password
  • Search for your topic (search box at top) OR
  • Scroll down and select GREAT DEPRESSION (1929-1941) (under "Learning Centers")
  • Find: articles, biographies, images, etc.
  • Works for every topic


Can search all eBooks from Basic Search box (watch your spelling!)

Or, click on "+History" and select one of the following eBooks from list:

Harlem Renaissance
American Decades
Bowling, Beatniks and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th Century America

  • In each book, you can use the eTable of Contents and eBook Index  -OR-
  • In the E-Book, you can Search (left) for a specific topic -- Be sure to check off "within this publication"


Encyclopedia of Alabama
An extensive site maintained by the Alabama Humanities Foundation, Auburn University, The University of Alabama and the Alabama State Dept. of Education that includes current and historical information about the state.  Access the article about what life was like in Alabama in the 1930s:

Photographs of America from the Great Depression to World War II
On these sites, you can find black and white and color photos of the US during the 1930s. The photos cover all areas and a variety of people during this time.
Black and White Photos: 
Color Photos: 

Prints and Photographs Online Catalog
This site from the Library of Congress allows you to search for images. Search for "Great Depression" to find relevant images for your project. 

Photo Essay of the Great Depression
This is an excellent site that contains over thirty large, detailed, and compelling images of the Great Depression with captions. 

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