Using NOVELIST to find great new books to read!

Mastery Objective: Students will be able to use the novelist database to generate personalized book recommendations.

To access NOVELIST: Go to Lenape Media Center (
                            ---Click on DATABASES (on left)
                                        ---Click on NoveList Plus (in right column, second row - an EBSCO Host database)


Novelist Plus is a great tool for finding information about books as well as for generating lists of book recommendations based on your interests and other books you've read and liked.

  ~Basic Search Box (top center of page)

~Browse "Recommended Reads Lists"

~Use NoveList's Resources

~Get a "customized" book recommendation based on your favorite books:


***If you find a book in NoveList you think you might like to read, click on the "Check the Library Catalog" link to see if we have the book in our Media Center***

***If we don't have a particular book, ask Ms. Gaffney or Ms. Fauver and we'll try to get it for you from another library!!!

Created 10/19/2010 by Ms. Gaffney for Ms. Boucher's English classes. Last updated 09/18/2012 by Ms. Fauver