International Food Court Project

Mastery Objective: You will be able to find recipes from other cultures online and in books in preparation for your Foods II final project.

To access: Go to Lenape Media Center (
                            ---Click on CLASS PROJECTS (on left)
                                        ---Click on link by your teacher's name for the "International Food Court Project"


eBooks & Online Databases: Use lenapehs1 for all usernames/passwords

eBooks (Gale Virtual Reference Library):


        Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Foods and Recipes of the World

            ~Enter specific country in search box (****BE SURE TO CHECK OFF "within this publication"!)

            ~Click on country article

            ~Scroll down and select from list of recipes

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

    ~Use for background culinary information on your selected country

    ~Click on "eTable of Contents" and use drop-down menu to choose volume containing the country you're researching


Culture Grams



International Foods, Global Cuisine & Recipes from Epicurious

World Cuisine Recipes from All

World Hearth Recipe Collection



The Media Center has many cookbooks our Nonfiction collection (in the 641.5 section)

To find a book with recipes from a particular country, ask Ms. Gaffney or Ms. Fauver, or use the catalog:

Lenape Media Center Online Book Catalog


Created 5/20/2010 by Ms. Gaffney for Foods II classes at Lenape High School. Last updated 5/24/2012.