Mastery Objective:  You will be able to search online databases, credible websites and books to find information about GMOs to answer the selected questions for the project.


Global Issues

Enter password and click to proceed.

  • This database contains the most extensive information from around the world; it is current and updated multiple times daily.  You will find news articles, videos, research studies, images, editorials, reference books, podcasts, and much more! 
  • Click on SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY (under "browse issues and topics")
  • Click on GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS - this is the portal page for genetically modified foods.
  • Be sure to explore the ENTIRE portal!! Find videos, images, podcasts, recent and current news articles, reference articles, primary sources, global viewpoints, "get involved" links, statistics, magazines, journals and related portals.

Enter password and click to proceed. While you can conduct a basic keyword search, try the following subject search for more effective results.

  • Click on SUBJECT GUIDE SEARCH at the top of the page.
  • In the search box, search for one of the following terms (and only one of the following terms).  Subject searches are very specific and will only accept certain terms - to conduct a more general search, use the basic search. 
    • Genetic engineering
      Plant biotechnology
      Food engineering
      Genetically modified plants
      Plant breeding
      Plant genetics
EBSCO - Periodicals

Enter username and password.

  • Click on EBSCOHost Complete DB List
  • Select (check off) the following two databases: MASTER FILE PREMIER and SCIENCE REFERENCE CENTER.
  • Hit continue.
  • Check off Limit your results to FULL TEXT.  (or else you will get a lot of abstracts only!)
  • Either search for articles from periodicals (current and back issues of magazines, newspapers and journals) as a basic keyword search or try a subject search.
  • In this database, try the following SUBJECT TERMS (if you would like to search by subject).
Opposing Viewpoints

Enter password and click to proceed.

  • SEARCH for "genetically modified crops" as a subject.
  • SEARCH for "genetically modified organisms" as a keyword.



(*Note - many of the websites are biased - there are strong views on both sides of this issues.  Please be aware of the bias and use the information provided on the sites carefully and analyze and consider all information*)

NY Times - GMO Debate
From the NY Times, a collection of recent articles and news relating to the GMO debate.
Agricultural Biotechnology & Genetically Engineered Organisms from Cornell University
EXCELLENT site from Cornell University! Click on BROCHURES for PDF brochures on topics relating to GMO's.  Click on GOVERNMENT LINKS for detailed information, guidelines, research and procedures from government sources.  Click on PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS and other USEFUL SITES for additional sites and information.
Human Genome Project: Genetically Modified Food and Organisms
Excellent site for description of GMOs, the benefits and the controversies.
How Stuff Works – Genetically Modified Foods
What are genetically modified foods? “How stuff works” website with links to information about what they are as well as the controversy surrounding this issue.
Bioengineered Foods – Government Policies
From the Center for Food Safety and Nutrition. Policy guidelines and lists of GE food, use, and company information.  
Council for Biotechnology Information
Site includes ethical issues, benefits.
Alliance for Better Food
The Alliance supports biotechnology and is comprised of farmers, nutritionists and food technologists, among others, who advocate for creating safe and abundant food supplies through genetically engineered food.
GE Food Alert
Site from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy that strongly opposes genetically engineered and modified food and organisms.
Strong views about the dangers of GE foods. This site, while very biased, does show the controversy surrounding this issue.
BBC News - GMO
BBC News Articles about Genetically Engineered Food (overview, pros and cons)
Use only Valid and Reliable Websites (NOT Wikipedia). How do you know if the website is valid and credible?
  • AUTHORITY - Look at who designed the site and the purpose for creating the site. Is it a respectable agency or university/college department? Or is it an unknown, random individual? See if the author can be trusted.
  • ACCURACY - Does the site appear accurate? Does the information look similar to info found in the databases or books?
  • OBJECTIVITY - Is the page free from bias? Is its intent to be factual?
  • CURRENCY - When was the site last updated? Is it current?
  • COVERAGE - Does it provide in-depth coverage?


Lenape Online Book Catalog -
Search the media center catalog for additional resources.  Click on WEBPATH EXPRESS for websites; click on LIBRARY SEARCH to search for books in the media center

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