Career Research Project


Mastery Objective: As a result of our time together in the Media Center, you will be able to search online Databases, credible Websites and the Media Center career collection to find and apply information to complete the career project.


To access: Lenape Media Center page (  --> Click on CLASS PROJECTS (on left) --> Select CAREER PROJECT





(1) Career Cruising
1.  Enter username: lenapehs1 and password: lenapehs1

2.  Start with the Career Matchmaker (click on the "Assessments" tab on the top or the left of the page) if you are unsure about which career to research

3.  Click on the "Careers" tab at the top of the page or the "Explore Careers" tab on the left side

4.  You can use the search box or find career information using an alphabetical index, subject index or career cluster

5.  Use the "Schools" tab to find a list of the top colleges/universities with your major



(2) Ferguson's Career Guidance Center (Facts on File)

1.  Enter username: lenapehs1 and password: lenapehs1

2.  In the "Search Job Profiles" box, search for a specific job.

3.  Find a list of related jobs.

4.  Select a specific job/career -- find description, links to organizations, and other information.



(3) Occupational Outlook Handbook

1.  Go to - Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012-13 from US Department of Labor

2.  In the SEARCH HANDBOOK box (near the top on the right), you can search for a specific job

3.  Or, click on a career field listed on the left

4.  Or, for a complete alphabetical listing of all occupations, click on link in center of page to view the A-Z Index

4.  Select one of the jobs to find information on the JOB OUTLOOK and other aspects of the field.





eBooks (Gale Virtual Reference Library)





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