• Beginning of Graphic Design

    Design is essential in web layout. It is one of the first few things that attract online users and glue their eyes on the page.

    Lines: Emphasize, Decorate, Illustrate, and Represent Information in infographics.  Weight, Color, Texture, style.

    Shapes: Vital to communicating ideas visually.  Give images heft and make them recognizable.  Help Organize or Separate Content, Create Simple Illustrations or just add Interest to your Work.


    10 Rules of Composition 


    We see shapes every day in logos, flags, books, clothes. A shape can exist in isolation or used in conjunction with type or lines.  A shape can be formed in many ways. It could be a block of color, an illustration or a photograph. 

    Shapes In web design:

    There are some shapes that have become standards, for example the “three buckets.” Three blocks of text often set with a different background color, as in this web site for Avon. Our eyes are drawn to the blocks because the shapes and the colors are attractive and interesting. Shape can certainly be one of the strongest design elements.


    One of the most basic visual elements of design is the ‘line’, and it should not be underrated. As simple as lines are they can be used as crucial elements of design. Lines can be used to add structure to a composition, to frame information and to divide information. Lines can be used to add hierarchy and emphasis, to decorate and to draw the eye to a specific point. They can also be used to build and represent information in info graphics Lines can be straight, curved, thick, thin, solid, and dashed.

Text about why we use lines in visual design
Shapes in Design

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