• Seneca Saxophonist​ Becomes First Seneca Band Member to Make All​ State Band; See Him Perform at Seneca's Winter Concert! 


    Congratulations to sophomore Matt Miller who performed with the All State Jazz Band in Atlantic City and Newark NJ. Matt is Seneca's first ever All State member and these are huge moments for him and his parents and our program.

    Matt auditioned for the highly competitive position last spring, during his freshmen year. The saxophone spot is known to be one of hardest to obtain. To be Seneca's first student to earn a position in the New Jersey All State Jazz Ensemble by auditioning for one of the most competitive positions, and to do it all as a freshmen had to be daunting.

    The process began last March. Matt first had to receive a qualifying score in regional auditions in order to be able to qualify to audition. "Saxophone is probably the hardest spot to get in," explained Seneca teacher and Jazz Band Conductor Doug Barber. "We've had sax players here that have been great, have received full scholarships to prestigious institutions, but none until Matt Miller, has made the All State Jazz Band. Most students would be thrilled to make the band as a junior. Matt made it as a FRESHMAN! The truth is, nobody works harder than Matt."

    Once Matt made the band, he began preparing, attending practices with the All State Jazz Ensemble in Atlantic City and Newark throughout the fall. The band's hard work culminated with performances at the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City on November 8th, and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on November 16th.

    You can hear Matt Miller perform with the Seneca band at the Seneca Winter Concert on December 19th, at which he will perform a solo. The concert begins at 7 p.m. at Seneca High School.