• Links to assist the college search
    Naviance- This is an excellent college search program used by Lenape High School.  This program allows students to search colleges and compare GPA and SAT scores with Lenape graduates.
    "Reach Higher- A Guide To Choose A College"- grade 9 e-booklet 
    CollegeBoard.org-www.collegeboard.org- This web site allows you to register for the SAT & subject tests as well as perform a college and career search.

    Peterson's Guide- www.petersons.com-a database for the Peterson's college handbook.  Also allows you to perform a college and career search.

    Princeton Review-www.review.com-rates colleges

    College Net-www.collegenet.com-data base of colleges, scholarship opportunities.

    College View - www.collegeview.com-get info via your email.  College data base.

    Links-From NJSCA-for college search

    College Raptor - CollegeRaptor.com. Great Net Price Calculator that you only have to do one time.