RCBC CAP Program

  • The Lenape Regional High School District, in partnership with Rowan College at Burlington County College (RCBC) through a College Accelerated Program (CAP) offers students taking select courses an opportunity to earn both high school and college credit. Your student is enrolled in at least one course that qualifies as a RCBC CAP course (see enclosed for a list of RCBC CAP courses).

    Students selecting to take CAP courses have the opportunity to earn high school credit, as well as RCBC credit.  These courses are taught during the regular school day by members of the Lenape Regional High School District staff, who are also certified as RCBC adjunct professors. Students who would like to receive college credits will be required to complete the RCBC registration process and pay RCBC tuition. 

    Here are a few facts to consider when deciding to register for RCBC CAP college credit:

    1. Each CAP class is only $150 (this includes all 3- or 4-credit college courses). 

      1. Some LRHSD courses that are equivalent to two CAP courses, tuition is $300 (e.g. Television Broadcasting Technology 2 is RCBC ETV 101 and ETV 105, 7 credits, $300).

      2. No other addititional fees (textbooks, lab or activity fees) will be charged

    2. Many colleges, both in-state and out-of-state colleges accept credit earned through a CAP program. 

    3. CAP is not intended to replace the Advanced Placement program (although a student choosing not to test for AP credit could earn RCBC CAP credit if applicable). 

    4. Students should sign up for CAP credit if they have a reasonable expectation of earning a "C" or better in the course. RCBC will only grant credit if the student earns a "C" or better.

    5. Students may only register for courses they are currently taking this year. 
    6. Registration is final; payment for CAP classes is non-refundable once the funds are sent from the school to RCBC. Additionally, RCBC will not refund students who drop a RCBC CAP course, get a grade lower than C in a RCBC CAP course, or if a college does not accept CAP credit.        

    It is recommended you research the policies of colleges you are considering and find out if your CAP credit will transfer. 

    RCBC will submit a final transcript, upon request, to any higher education institution. 

    Please note these two resources:

    1) RCBC is offering a reduced rate of $100 per 3- to 4- credit course for students who qualify for the Federal free/reduced lunch program.

    2) CAP Scholarships, are available to eligible students for up to 2 CAP courses. There is a limited amount of funding available.  Scholarships made possible by the Lenape Regional Education Foundation.

    To be eligible, the student must:

             ·        qualify for Federal free/reduced lunch program

             ·        have minimum 2.5 GPA

             ·        be taking at least 1 RCBC and/or RU CAP course

    To apply for CAP Scholarship, see the link below: (to be completed by October 12th)

    • If a student doesn't have access to the link below please stop by the Counseling Center to pick up an application. (complete and return by October 12th)

    Registration Information

    New this year Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) is using an online registration process called DualEnroll.  Enclosed are the two step-by-step doctuments to follow in order to register for RCBC CAP credit.  The account status will read "complete" once all steps are finalized.  It is recommended to begin this registration process as soon as possible. 
    All steps must be finalized by October 25th.  This is the only time period for registrations for this year.  RCBC will not accept late registrations.  This deadline cannot be extended.   

    Step 1 - Students create accounts at hhtp://rcbc.app.dualenroll.com and choose courses for which to purchase CAP credit.

    Step 2 - Guidance counselor electronically approves eligible students for CAP credit. 

    Step 3 - Parent / Guardian gives consent and enters payment information. 

    If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact your student principal or counselor, or Danielle Epps, RCBC, Director of Outreach and Admissions, at 856-291-4251.


RCBC CAP Classes