• How to join an activity/club at Shawnee High School:

    Step 1:  Find an activity and register online

    Please browse the sections on the left (or click the links below) for descriptions of all the clubs and activities offered at Shawnee High School.  When you have decided on the activities which you want to join (and there's no limit on the number of clubs you can join), CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SIGN UP PAGE.  You will see a master list of clubs and links which take you to the registration page for each club.   Feel free to also contact the club or activity advisor in person for more information.  

    Arts, Media and Technology Clubs

    Competitive Clubs and Organizations

    History, Foreign Languages and World Cultures

    Performance/Performing Arts Activities

    Service, Leadership and Citizenship Clubs

    Science and Health Clubs

    Student Government and Student Council

    Step 2:  Submit Participation Fee Payment

    The LRHSD Board of Education will continue to assess an Athletic and Extracurricular Activity Participation Fee for the current school year. The annual fee will be assessed to every student who participates in at least one athletic or extracurricular activity that requires a Board of Education paid coach or advisor. 

    The fee will be assessed once per school year at a rate established by the Board of Education, which for the current school year will be $200 per student, with a maximum family cap of $400 per family. Each student must submit the Athletic and Extracurricular Activity Participation Fee payment prior to the participation (including tryouts) in the activity. The fee is valid for that school year only.  Payments can be made beginning August 1st by either method as listed below.

    The fee is non-refundable unless the student is cut from the athletic/activity roster and did not participate in any other athletic/extracurricular activities for the remainder of the school year. A refund request form must be completed and submitted by June of that year or the fee will be forfeited.  Forms are available in the high school main office.  Refunds will be issued over the summer, after all of the student's obligations have been fulfilled. Any outstanding student obligations will be deducted from the refund at that time. Students who voluntarily drop out of an activity will forfeit their fee.

    Payment of the Athletic and Extracurricular Activity Participation Fee does not guarantee position, role, or playing time. It does not guarantee the student or his/her parent, guardian or family control over any conditions, guidelines or policies regarding the team or activities.

    Financial Hardship:  No student will be denied the opportunity for an educational experience due to financial hardship.  Students who qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program are exempt from paying the Athletic and Extracurricular Activity Participation Fee.  Families who do not qualify for Federal Free and Reduced Lunch, but are under financial constraint may submit an Athletic and Extracurricular Activity Participation Fee Waiver to the Principal for consideration.  Please contact the Shawnee High School Athletics Office (609-654-7544, x4404) for a waiver form.  

    Preferred Payment Online (SchoolCashOnline):

    The LRHSD uses "School Cash Online" as the portal which parents/guardians can create their account and submit participation fees online.  (Link opens to a third party website.)
    Link:  Please click here to access SchoolCashOnline and to submit your payment online. 

    Payment by check or money order (in-person):
    The Lenape Regional High School District also accepts participation fee payments in-person by either check or money order.  In person payments must be submitted with the Participation Fee Payment Form to the Shawnee High School Athletic Office, Attention:  Doris Baratti, Secretary.  All checks or money orders should be made payable to the Lenape Regional High School District.