• I&RS
    Intervention and Referral Services
    I&RS Team is comprised of a group of administrators, teachers, school counselors and the School Nurse.
    The I&RS team was created to help students.  Many times a student has a concern, or has a friend who has a concern, and is not comfortable going to a parent or teacher or counselor with that concern.  The I&RS team allows students to write an anonymous referral describing the concern.  These referrals are found in both the North and Main offices of the school.  The referral is then put in a I&RS team box, also located in both offices, or handed to one of the I&RS team members.  The I&RS team meets on a regular basis and assigns the case to a Case Manager.  The Case Manager then pieces together pertinent information and tries to offer the best strategies for addressing the presenting concern.  Confidentiality is always respected and the students best interests are always protected.