• The 504 committee includes teachers, administrators, and School Counselors.  Mr. Noel Anderson and Ms. Sharon Picollo co-chair the 504 Committee. The Committee meets weekly to discuss the 504 plans currently being implemented.  Parents that want to learn more about 504 plans at Lenape should contact either Mr. Anderson or Ms. Picollo in the Counseling Center. 


    AHEAD (Assoc. on Higher Education and Disability)

    This is the organization to which professionals providing support services on college and university campuses belong. Whether the disability focuses on learning difficulties, mobility, visual, hearing impairments, etc., professionals with specific expertise on various campuses can be found.


    Originally HEATH was an acronym for Higher Education And The Handicapped. The organization retains the initials but now describes itself as HEATH: The National Clearinghouse on Postsecondary Education for Individuals with Disabilities.

    LD Online

    This organizatin provides a wealth of information on learning disabilities. The section to which the above link leads deals specifically with postsecondary information.


    Follow the links below to sample LD programs at the selected colleges.

    University of Arizona

    University of Denver

    DePaul University

    Hofstra University

    Iona College

    Long Island University (C.W.Post Campus)

    Marist College

    University of Massachusetts-Amherst