• Financial Aid

    CEEB CODE- 310762
    If you believe you are eligible for a fee waiver for SATs or ACTs, please contact Sharon Picollo in the Counseling Center. 
    The Department of Higher Education provides additional information about financial aid.
    The two forms that students need to be aware of are the FAFSA and the Profile form:

    The FAFSA becomes available on October 1st.
    -must be filed if the student is anticipating financial aid
    -the best time to file is between October 1st and the holidays

    The Profile form
    -some private colleges request the Profile form
    -this form is often required before the FAFSA- for more info visit www.collegeboard.com.

    FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

    This site contains everything you need to know about completing the FAFSA. The FAFSA is required by any school to which you apply for financial aid. The FAFSA is not normally available until November and cannot be sent in until after January 1.


    This is a very useful tool for families who are not yet ready to file the FAFSA but want to know what their eligibility might be. It will also prepopulate the answers once a family is ready to file the real FAFSA.


    The Profile normally becomes available in mid to late September. You may return the Profile as soon thereafter as you are able. Schools that ask for the Profile will require the FAFSA once it is available.

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    Tax Benefits for Higher Education

    This links you to IRS Publication 970 "Tax Benefits for Higher Education." It might help your family with college expenses through either education tax credits or through a tax deduction for tuition and fees. The document is a PDF and about 70 pages long. It is updated for each tax year. You will need the Free Acrobat Reader.

    Financial Aid Information Page

    A unique and comprehensive compilation of financial aid information sponsored by the organization to which all college financial aid officer belong.


    The Fastweb searchable database contains information on over 600,000 scholarships and it's free.

    College Answer

    This is another large searchable scholarship database.


    For loan information check out the web sites of the following organizations:


    Sallie Mae

    The Education Resources Institute


    American Student Assistance

    Nellie Mae


    Mass. Educational Financing Authority