• As of September 1, 2004, all organizations doing business with Boards of Education covered by the Public School Contracts Law, are required to be registered with the State and provide proof of that registration to the Board of Education before entering into a contract with that business.

    Businesses that do not have the required information on file with the Lenape Regional High School District (LRHSD) must complete form NJ-REG.  This form may be completed online at www.state.nj.us/treasury/revenue.  Registration is free and is a one-time action.  Instructions can be found below.  Vendors with questions about the registration process should contact the State of New Jersey at 609-292-9292.  The LRHSD will not be able to do business with any vendor not complying with this regulation.

    Vendors should furnish a copy of their New Jersey Business Registration Certificate as soon as possible to:

    Lenape Regional High School District
    Attn: Contract Registrations
    93 Willow Grove Road
    Shamong, NJ 08088

    The law does not cover contracts with non-profit organizations or government agencies.  These types of businesses should notify the LRHSD so they can be provided with the necessary documentation.

    For further questions, contact Leslie Voiro at 609-268-2000 ext. 5513.

Instructions for obtaining a New Jersey Business Registration Certificate