Go to this website for all the paperwork you will need to play:  www.lrhsd.org/shawneequicklinks        


    ***Please have your Physical turn in to the trainer in the Main office by July 16th to insure you will be cleared to tryout on August 16th


    Here is a note from our Athlectic Trainers:


    PLEASE Remind/Inform ALL of your Athletes of the following to help the processing go quickly and smoothly: 

    1. EVERYONE Must turn in a Health History Update Questionnaire due to the COVID-19 related questions. 
    2.  Please turn in the HHUQ WITH the Physical at the SAME Time as the Complete, NEW Physical!!      
    3. (NOT Separately at Different Times, but TOGETHER at the SAME Time
    4. If they are just updating a CURRENT, VALID Physical already on file, they can just submit the HHUQ.   
    5. Incoming Freshman are NOT on File and Must submit a Valid Physical and HHUQ at the SAME Time.
    6. Frequently Missed Information that holds up Processing of Physicals: 
    • Vision (ie 20/20 with or without correction – vision worse than 20/40 without correction) 
    • Exam Date has Expired prior to the season beginning 
    • Doctor did not sign each form 
    • No HHUQ 
    • If they had COVID-19 when was their illness.
    • Parent assumes the Middle School Physical will be here at Shawnee
    • Athlete needs Orthopedic Clearence from a recent injury