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  • General Considerations


    • There are several miscellaneous items, which are placed under general considerations for your information.  These are important considerations for you compliance.

    • Sports seasons will begin and end in accord with NJSIAA regulations. These basically are as follows:

                                    Fall Sports:                             to be determined by the NJSIAA

                                    Winter Sports                        first Monday after Thanksgiving

                                    Spring Sports                         first Friday of March


    • Since there will be overlapping of sports seasons for some student athletes who will participate in more than one activity, the athlete will be allowed to finish the season started before beginning the second sport.

    • Athletes must practice six days before competing in a scrimmage unless the athlete is coming out to practice directly from another season.

    • It should be clearly understood by students involved that their chances of success in the second sport will not be hurt by discipline action of any sort.

    • Students out for one sport will not be able to quit that sport to start practice in another unless all responsibilities are met and each coach agrees on the change.   
    • Students cannot play 2 sports at same time as per NJSIAA regulations.      

    • Physical Education Excuses– Athletes are not excused from physical education classes because they play a sport.  Option II is available for students that are in an intensive athletic training program.  See the web page for more information. 

    • No athlete with a medical excuse from physical education will be permitted to participate in athletics. 

    • Security:  Students must assume responsibility for the care of equipment, equipment rooms, personal property, and the building. 

    • Athletes will be issued a locker.  Athletes are responsible for locking up their belongings.

    • Punctuality:  be on time.  You do a disservice to your team when you are late.

    • Equipment: athletes are responsible for prompt return of all issued equipment immediately after the season.  Lost or damaged equipment will be charged replacement value.  Obligations from previous season must be met before equipment for following seasons will be issued.