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  • Awards


    Awards granted for participating in interscholastic athletics and playing on championship teams are restricted by the Board of Education to awards granted solely by the school.  The Board accepts the standards established by each school to grant athletic awards.  They also agree that all awards are to be symbolic in nature, i.e., letters, sweaters, pins, trophies, jackets and other symbolic type awards.

    No student-athlete shall accept an award given by anyone other than the school and/or Board of Education unless prior approval is obtained from the Board of Education and the NJSIAA. 

    Student-athletes are cautioned about accepting gifts, awards, material remuneration, or promise of such for the display of their athletic ability.  Accepting such awards, even in ignorance of stated rules and regulations, could affect your eligibility in high school, your amateur standing, and    possible eligibility for college competition.  Any member of a NJSIAA team who competes in any adult league or non-school competition (at any time of the year), and accepts prize money or merchandise as a prize at the end of the season,  or at the completion of the event, or who participates in any event, exhibition, or program for pay or accepts any cash or merchandise for any part for a display of his/her athletic ability on a gratis, discount, basis or loan in any sport, shall immediately become ineligible for one year for further participation in any  interscholastic sports activity conducted by the NJSIAA, and any games in any sport which he/she has competed are forfeited.

    The criteria listed determines the type of award and to whom awards may be granted.  There may be slight variations in the criteria amongst the several schools.

    Awards shall be as follows:

    Freshman:       Numerals accompanied by a certificate                                                                              

    Junior Varsity:  J.V. emblem (patch) accompanied by certificate

    Varsity:            Varsity letter and pin accompanied by a Varsity certificate

    A student shall receive only one material award in the form of an emblem or letter.  Upon earning additional awards, he/she shall receive the appropriate certificate and service bar.

    A student may receive only one award per season.  Example: a student may not receive a varsity and J.V. award in football for the same season


    Varsity Award Requirements:

    Athletes are responsible for completing the season as required by the coach in order to be granted an award.  All awards are based on participation in varsity events during season schedule unless otherwise noted.

    Baseball:  A player must participate in one-half of the games.  Pitchers must pitch in one-third of the games.

    Basketball:  A player must play in one-half of the quarters

    Bowling:  A bowler must bowl in at least one-half of the matches

    Cheerleading:  Upon the recommendation of the coach.  

    Cross-Country:  To earn a varsity award the athlete must participate in two-thirds of the meets.

    Field Hockey:  A player must play in one-half of the halve

    Football:  A player must play in one-half of the quarters

    Golf:  A player must participate in one-half of the matches.

    Gymnastics:  Gymnasts must participate in one-half of the meets

    Lacrosse:  A player must participate in one-half of the halves

    Soccer:  A player must play in one-half of the halves

    Softball:  A player must participate in one-half of the games.  Pitchers must pitch in one-third of the games.

    Student Trainer:  Athletes will receive a varsity letter award upon the recommendation of the trainer.

    Swimming:  A swimmer must swim in more than one-half of the meets or earn a certain number of points depending upon the number of meets.

    Tennis:  A player must participate in at least one-half of the matches.

    Track:  A participant must earn an average of one point per meet.

    Volleyball:  A player must participate in one-half of the scheduled games.

    Winter Track:  Athletes will receive a major letter award upon the recommendation of their coach.

    Wrestling:  A wrestler must wrestle in more than one-half of the meets.


    Championship Awards:

    League, Conference, South Jersey

    A jacket, sweater, plaque, trophy or some suitable award may be purchased for a squad or an individual by a Booster Club and/or other similar type school organization.   

    State Championship

    The Board of Education will contribute to the purchase of an approved award such as a jacket, sweater, etc., for teams or individuals who win a state championship tournament at the highest level of competition offered at the state level.

    Special Consideration:

    Seniors who have not met award requirements, but who have participated for three seasons in a given sport may receive a varsity award.      

    The head coach may recommend awards in special cases to athletes who have not met the requirements, i.e., illness, injury, etc.

    Certificates of participation shall be awarded to all athletes who complete the sports seasons, but have not met the award requirements.

     Manager awards shall be as follows:

    • Freshman Team:  Freshman Numerals
    • One year service in a sport:  J.V. Award
    • Two years’ service in a sport and recommendation of coach:  Varsity Award.