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  • Weight Room Training Program


    1. To develop programs through weight-training to suit the needs of students and athletes alike.
    2. To stimulate, improve and develop physical conditioning, explosive power, speed, muscular endurance, flexibility and more confidence in one’s self.
    3. To increase the size of muscle attachments (tendons, ligaments) and strengthen them to make them more resistant to injury.
    4. To help rehabilitate athletes who are injured.

    The weight room is always supervised and no student or athlete is permitted the use of this room without supervision.  All participants are given programs of instruction and safety procedures before they perform each workout. 

    The weight room is open to anyone in the student body and faculty alike.  Many of our athletic programs take full advantage of our facility both in and out of season including male and female participants.

    Beside strengthening our athletes to make them more resistant to injury, our Athletic Trainer uses the weight room equipment as part of individual rehabilitation programs set-up for the injured athlete.  Physicals are recommended.